Children of the Force #62 - Han Solo, Galactic Atlas, Inquisitors, etc.

March 1, 2017

On episode 62, we talk Han Solo news and do a run-down of some of what we learned from the beautiful Galactic Atlas. And more, of course. Check out our show guide for more links and images:


Star Wars Day at the Minnesota Science Museum was super fun! Photos are on the blog. 

We briefly discuss the newest Rebels episode, Through Imperial Eyes. It was rather stressful. 

NEWS [12:30]

Han Solo Movie news! Confirmed cast!

Rogue One home video release is on April 4th. Digital on March 24th.

CANON NEWS [20:20]

This week’s canon news is all from Galactic Atlas, which is a gorgeous book you should all go out and buy.  

JOKE [42:30]

Knock Knock-> Who’s There?-> Jabba The->

What do you call a droid at the Renaissance Fair?

Q&A COUNCIL [45:30]

What happened to all the Inquisitors? Let me know over on Twitter!

OUTRO [49:00]

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Children of the Force #61 - A Plurality of Jedi

February 22, 2017


In this episode, we talk Mandalore, diversity and death, !!!INFERNO SQUAD!!!, the new R2, jokes, questions and a bunch of other stuff. Join us, and together we will level up in Force Arena as father and son and daughter and listener....

And as always, check out or website for a more thorough show guide with links and images and all that good stuff:


We’re watching Clone Wars episodes and crossing our fingers that they aren’t taking it off Netflix. Looking forward to watching those Death Watch Mandalorian episodes especially after watching…

Rebels: Legacy of Mandalore, which we talk about a bit, hopefully without spoiling too much for people who haven’t seen it yet. We loved the episode and are all curious to see where it goes from here.

Force Arena has been supplying me with a ton of fun (maybe too much fun).

The awesomely diverse Rogue One characters all end in death. Is that problematic?

NEWS [19:30]

It’s the attack of Force Friday II! And our first image of the big three from The Last Jedi.

There’s a new book coming out. It’s called… Inferno Squad! Much like the cover image, my opinion of this book is not final.

Jimmy Vee is the new R2-D2!

(This episode was recorded before the Han Solo casting news dropped, but we still talked about how a new generation of actors are starting to take over, but that it’s great that they have had a chance to work with the original actors.)

Jedi is plural in The Last Jedi?

Aftermath: Empire’s End is out! I’ve started reading it and it gets off to a crackling start.

CANON NEWS [39:45]

Liam brings us some canon news today when he tells us the ages of the Rogue One crew. And I bring bonus canon news with the fact that Phasma was actually thrown down into a trash compactor in The Force Awakens, according to the comic adaptation.

JOKE [45:40]

What do you call a robot in a hole?

What do you call the first robot to ever fall into a hole?

Q&A COUNCIL [48:00]

Liam asks: Of the planets Scarif, Jedha, Lah’mu, Yavin IV and Eadu, which place would you like to live if you could live where they were shot?

Al asks: Why is Maul seeking Obi Wan?


Liam quizzes us on the ages of the Rogue One crew.

OUTRO [57:50]

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Children of the Force #60 - Becoming the Masters

February 14, 2017

The kids take over for our 60th episode, since my voice was especially froggy. They do an amazing job! As always, check out the show guide on our website for more links and images of things we talk about in the episode:


We get an awesome package from Nick from London! (Seriously, go check out these figurines on our website:

Liam and I recently finished the Darth Vader comic series. Liam thought the ending was hilarious. 

NEWS [2:55]

Thandie Newton is rumored to be the next addition to the Han Solo stand-alone cast.

Clone Wars appears to be ending its run on Netflix. Booooo!


How did Shaak Ti die? We find out in the fabulous book, Galactic Maps!

JOKE [8:05]

It’s an Anna original today. Where do you put your gas in Rogue One?

Q&A COUNCIL [10:40]

It’s a Valentine’s Day Q&A council! 

Question 1: What’s your favorite romantic moment in Star Wars? 

Question 2: Do you think there will be a great romance in the sequel trilogy? If so, who do you think it will be between?


Continuing the theme of Valentine’s Day, I quiz the kids from beyond the microphone: Name one Star Wars alien species that has more than one heart.

OUTRO [15:10]

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Children of the Force #59 - Two Years!

February 1, 2017

On Episode 59 we celebrate two years of podcasting, talk about some heavy issues, tell a couple jokes, and just have an all-around fun and energetic time. Maybe a little too energetic. 

As always, be sure to check out the show guide on our website for images and links to all the things we talk about on the show:

We start the episode off talking about how it’s been two whole years since we started recording this podcast! We celebrate by listening to the original Children of the Force song, sung by an 8 year old Anna. 

Then I get all serious and talk about the state of the United States these days and how Children of the Force will always be a safe place for people who want to be kind to each other and for people whose lives are being devalued by our government.


We watched Moana over the weekend, which isn’t Rogue One. 

NEWS [13:15]

The Han Solo movie started filming. 

The Last Jedi!

That Death Star trench isn’t where you thought it was! Check out this blog post:

We talk aobut the covers and official titles for two new books due out May 2nd

CANON NEWS [26:25]

This episode’s canon news is all about the religions on Jedha.

JOKE [38:20]

Two jokes today from a couple of our favorite Twitter followers. 

The first one is from @StarWarsNerdMN and the second is from @EvanNelsonMN. [[[link]]]

How many Sith does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 
When is a door door not a door door?


What are the names of the Two-Tubes brothers? 

OUTRO [44:25]


We sounded so young! 


CotF Reaction Corps - Rebels: Trials of the Darksaber

January 25, 2017

I'm not crying! YOU'RE crying! 

OK, I'm totally crying. 

This time on Reaction Corps we're talking all about the Rebels episode, Trials of the Darksaber. In addition to adding to Jedi lore and Mandalore (get it, MandaLORE?), this episode gives Sabine the character explosion we've all been waiting for! 

Before we discuss the episode though, we quickly talk about that Episode VIII title, The Last Jedi, and what it might mean. 

At 6 minutes in, we start discussing Trials of the Darksaber. Symbols of power. Parents struggling with giving kids responsibility. Political disagreements breaking up families. It's a heavy, emotional episode. And we loved it.

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Children of the Force #58 - Nick and Sylvia and Woody and Lumpy and a Soggy Rebel

January 18, 2017

In this episode we discuss the newest casting news for the Han Solo movie and talk a bit of Episode VIII. The best part of this episode, though, is that we got to talk to Nick from London again! And this time his sister Sylvia joined us for a bit, too! 

As always, be sure to check our website for a more complete show guide. Leave us a comment there while you're at it!

We start the episode off singing various happy birthday songs to Liam. He’ll be 8 before our next episode!


Liam and his friend Toby (who was a guest on episode 14 of Children of the Force!) had a sleepover and watched The Empire Strikes Back. Liam had Two observations and a question.

Observation: There are no women pilots in Rogue Group on Hoth. Bummer.

Observation: The Wampa scenes in the cave looked fake.

Question: Did Wedge survive the original trilogy and does that mean he’s around during the sequel trilogy? We know he survived the OT, but we don’t know yet if he’s still kickin’ in the ST. I have a feeling we’ll get a definitive answer this February in Aftermath: Empire’s End.

We revisit whether or not Saw laughed a lot in Rogue One. What do you think? Did he? Let us know at

We give a shout out to Martin Luther King Jr., since we recorded this episode on the holiday that honors him.

NEWS [8:45]

Woody Harrelson is coming to the Han Solo stand-alone film!

We discuss that Yahoo story about John Knoll naming Jyn after some females in his life. 

We got some Episode VIII tidbits from Rian Johnson via USA Today.

“It’s not Star Wars without violence.” -Anna



Before Nick talks with us about his experience at the Star Wars Identities Exhibition, we talk with his sister, Sylvia, about female representation in Star Wars. We also sing her a birthday song! 

After talking all about the Star Wars Identities exhibit, we talk with Nick about Rogue One and he brings up that deleted Unkar Plutt scene, the Rebels’ Darksaber reveal, and that small press release from Lucasfilm about not using a CGI Carrie Fischer in Episode IX.

JOKE [38:40]


Nick has a joke: What’s the popular music style on Dagobah?
And I have a joke: What did Kanan say when Saw threw water on Hera?


Q&A COUNCIL [41:00]


Al asks: What was the most surprising thing about Rogue One for you? (By the way, you can let us know your answer via any of the methods listed at the end of these show notes.)




Name one Zabrak Jedi.

OUTRO [1:03:00]


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Children of the Force #57 - Identities and Ghosts

January 11, 2017

In episode 57 of Children of the Force, we get a special report from our London correspondent, Nick, about his journey to the Star Wars Identities exhibit! We also review the two-part Rebels episode, Ghosts of Geonosis. As always, check out the show guide on our website for more information, photos, video and all that good stuff:

We met our goal on Patreon! Special thanks to our patrons: Amy, Laura, Alethia, Nick, and Evan!


Our yearly watch-through of all the Star Wars films is now complete! I surprise the kids by telling them that the floodgates are now open, and that they can watch them whenever they want.


The word, “Hope,” at the end of that one movie is taken from that other movie. 


Nick from London sends us a special report from the Star Wars Identities exhibit. Make sure you check out our website for Nick’s photos and the Identities biography of his character, Teekay!


A bit of information that slipped through the cracks until now, there’s going to be a Jyn Erso young adult novel coming out on May 2nd, along with the middle-grade novel about Baze and Chirrut.

And in canon news, we talk about how some Separatists became members of the Rebel Alliance.

REVIEW [38:30]

For the rest of the episode, we review Ghosts of Geonosis part 1 and part 2. From Saw to Klik Klak, from Sabine to Brunson, and some of the things in between (including that grey area in between fighting toward a goal and fighting against better judgment).

We also briefly discuss some highlights from that second-half-of-season-3-of-Rebels trailer.  

OUTRO [1:02:45]

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Children of the Force #56 - A Parent’s Guide to Grief, Rogue One, and Bad Jokes

December 31, 2016

We start off episode 56 memorializing Carrie Fischer by reading some tributes to her and then adding a bit of our own thoughts and feelings. Then it's on with the show and talking about kids and Rogue One, telling some jokes and remembering our favorite Leia scenes! 

As always, check out our website for our show guides that include more links, images and video:


First, we talk about how much we appreciate our new patrons Alethea and Nick from London and his family. Impossible to state how much we appreciate all of the support from all of our patrons.

Second, I apologize for an unintentionally sexist comment that I made in the last episode that made it sound like only men play football. My mistake. Sorry. And I’ll try to do better.

Then we talk about some of the cool Star Wars stuff we got for Christmas. It’s the most Star Warsy time of the year!

Then we launch into this great piece on the Entertainment Weekly website about kids and Rogue One. Give it a read. The kids really liked this article, too:

We listen to Riz Ahmed talk about the #10for10 campaign to help out Syria and Syrian refugees.

Then we discuss some Rogue One bits and bobs.

CANON NEWS [48:20]

Two words: Bor Gullet.

JOKE [49:45]

How did Bodi know that Bor Gullet was going to wrap those tentacles around him? ok
Why did Bodi think Bor Gullet was a Rathtar?
What did Bodi do after Bor Gullet looked into his mind?
Which rebel is really great at chess?



What’s your favorite Princess Leia moment? We’d love to hear answers from our listeners. Go to to leave us a voicemail.

OUTRO [58:50]

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Children of the Force #55 - Rogue One: Our Star Wars Story

December 17, 2016


It’s episode 55 of Children of the Force, where we discuss Rogue One in all its glory. Abandon hope, all ye spoilerphobes who enter here. For here there be SPOILERS.

That’s right….


Before discussing Rogue One, we do some pre-game warm-ups and talk right before the movie about a few things we’re expecting to see. And then immediately after the credits stop rolling we start recording our reactions. Then again in the car. Then again the next day at home. We had a lot to say! 

Oh, and head on over to our website to see a few photos from opening night:


Because I don’t want to spoil the movie here in the show notes, I’m not going to give a breakdown of what we talk about. But trust me, it's good stuff. 

CANON NEWS [1:20:45]

Really, it’s all canon news at this point. But for the segment this week, we identify a couple colorful leaders who we’ve seen before.

JOKE [1:24:20]

What’s the one thing you really need in order to have a Bounty Hunter party?

Q&A COUNCIL [1:25:05]

Funniest moment in Rogue One?

Shout-out to new patron Laura. Thanks for supporting the show!

OUTRO [1:31:55]

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Children of the Force #54 - Catalyst Cliffs Notes

December 7, 2016

In this episode, we devote the whole show to an overview and discussion of the Rogue One prequel novel, Catalyst! 

Maybe you’ve already read Catalyst and want a refresher before seeing the movie. Maybe you haven’t read it and don’t intend to, but want to understand how it relates to Rogue One. Maybe you’ve read it and want your kids to know what happens in it but don’t feel like sitting around for one hour, twenty-one minutes and eleven seconds discussing it with them. 

Well, that’s what we’re here for! 

From Jyn’s mom and dad to the Imperial baddie, Orson Krennic; from Tarkin to Saw; from Vader to Has; our overview includes everything you need to know (and undoubtedly some stuff you don’t) before seeing Rogue one.

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