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Children of the Force #12 - So. Much. News. EW and D23

August 20, 2015

In episode 12 of Children of the Force, we discuss the news that dropped over the last week or so, including all the goodies in Entertainment Weekly and everything that came out of the Disney convention, D23. 

Follow along with our show guide for this episode at Over there, you'll find photos and links and way more than you see in these little show notes. 

Colin Trevorrow is directing Episode VIII. What does this mean for dewbacks everywhere? Just kidding. We don’t ask that question. 

The kids freak out (in the best way) over the new Drew Struzan poster for The Force Awakens. But not so much over the new photo from Rogue One.

Could someone else be in that TIE that Finn’s running away from?

If a ship has been replaced, piece by piece, is it still the same ship you started with? Is there a way to do it so gradually that no one notices?

Liam’s theory: The Knights of Ren are good guys and Kylo Ren betrayed them.

Join us and together we will speculate wildly as Father and Son and Daughter and Listener….

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