Children of the Force #44 - #ImWithJyn

August 16, 2016

It’s episode 44 of Children of the Force! Join us, and together we will talk about that Rogue One trailer as father and son and daughter and listener. 

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Lego The Force Awakens video game! The Freemaker Adventures! Liam had a blast coding over at! Battlefront ridiculousness! Han Solo comic! Poecomic!

NEWS [19:20]

Bunch of new information coming to us from and Entertainment Weekly.  

We analyze the new Rogue One entries in the Star Wars databank.

And of course, we react to and analyze the new Rogue One trailer. You’ve already seen it, but watch it again!

We didn’t talk about the international trailer in this show because it hadn’t come out at the time of recording. But if you’re like me, you may have noticed that Jyn’s “May the Force be with us,” in that international trailer is different from the same line (same scene, same shot) in the Celebration sizzle reel. I made a handy video for comparison:

CANON NEWS [1:07:50]

Jabba’s Rancor has a name! And it’s adorable. 

JOKE [1:10:32]

Three jokes this episode from Chris from Star Wars Kidscast. Here are the set-ups, you’ll have to listen for the punch lines. 

Who is Darth Maul's little brother?

Who is Darth Maul's BIG brother?

Who is Darth Maul's country cousin?

Q&A COUNCIL [15:10]


How much Vader do you want in Rogue One and what do you want to see him doing?

Send us an email ( or voicemaill ( to let us know!


STUMP THE LUMP! [1:19:15]


Liam asks a question from Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. Who is the first person to thank C-3PO after being set free in the Ewok village?

OUTRO [1:21:55]

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CotF Special Edition: Liam and Noah

July 29, 2016

Welcome to the first ever Children of the Force Special Edition. Here we have a conversation between Liam and his friend Noah about Star Wars. I gave them some questions to talk about and then walked out of the room. What resulted is pretty darn fun to listen to. I hope you like it, too. 

As always, check out our website for a complete show guide. Here:

Here are the questions that Liam and Noah tackled. 

What’s your favorite Luke Skywalker moment? 

What’s your favorite part of The Force Awakens? 

Who do you think would win in a fight, Rey or Wickett?

What’s the deal with Snoke? 

Do you think any of the Rebels will survive Rogue One? 

What’s your favorite Star Wars toy? 

Do you think Rey will become a Jedi, or just a really nice Force user?

What if Kylo turned good and Rey turned bad? Would that just be horrible? Or kind of cool?

Finally, go check out Noah's youtube channel at

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Children of the Force #43 - SWCE 2016 - Nick’s Report

July 23, 2016

We're lucky enough to be joined by Nick from London whoattended day three of Celebration 2016. This episode has Nick's on-the-scenereporting from Celebration, in addition to a conversation with us a couple dayslater where he filled us in on all the rest of the awesomeness hewitnessed.


Check out to see all of Nick's photos. 


Liam and I chat with Nick about his time at Celebration.

NEWS [35:50]

Nick sticks around to join us for the news!

Episode VIII has wrapped!

Ahsoka’s Untold Tales panel at SWCE revealed some great information. We brieflytouch on what each of these three untold story arcs would have been about. 

And we’re getting even more Ahsoka in October, with the Ahsoka novel.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Thrawn. We had to talk about Thrawn.

A interview with Timothy Zahn revealed that the timeline for hisupcoming Thrawn novel will span the time between when he first “encounters theEmpire,” and lead up to the events of season three of Rebels.

OUTRO [46:00]

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CotF Reaction Corps - Rogue One Sizzle Reel and Rebels S3 Trailer

July 18, 2016
Here's our reaction to that Rogue One sizzle reel they showed at Celebration Europe 2016. 

Then, at approximately 24:30, we give our thoughts on the Rebels Season 3 trailer, in addition to the two clips that were shown at celebration. 

Just in case you haven't seen them all yet, here are the links to those videos: 
Rogue One sizzle reel:
Rebels S3 Trailer:
Sabine and Ezra clip: 

Maul clip: 

Thanks for listening! Let us know what you thought of the sizzle reel and/or trailer!

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Children of the Force #42 - Pre-Celebration Postulations

July 13, 2016

In episode 42 ofChildren of the Force we discuss Celebration Europe news, how it's virtually impossible to have an original Star Wars thought (google it if you don't believe me), and all sorts of news, jokes and a quiz. Join us, and together we will catch 'em all as father and son and daughter and listener....

As always, check out our website for our show guides, which come along with photos and links and videos and all sorts of great stuff you aren't going to find in these show notes:


This episode of Children of the Force is dedicated to the memory of PhilandoCastile. 


Double Points weekend for Battlefront!

Liam got a sweet new Darth Vader watch. It’s digital!

We got a kick out of this Floppotron video:

And … we started catching Pokemon. It’s ridiculous.

NEWS [7:15]

A three-minute Rogue One trailer is coming out this Friday … probably.

Celebration is quickly approaching. The wave of news is going to crash this weekend and it’s going to be hard to stay upright. But we’ll do our best. Are we going to get a name for Episode VIII? Anna thinks so.

Our friend BB-K8 is live-blogging her experience overseas. At the time of recording, she hadn’t made it to Skellig Michael yet. But the next day, she made it there! So happy for her. Check out all the awesomeness of her trip over at Blabba the Hutt:

Thankfully for all of us who can’t make it to Celebration, they’re going to be live-streaming it again! The Star Wars Show Live will show us as much of celebration as they can. I’m really looking forward to the Running of the Willrow Hoods!

Jedi Bibliothek posted some images from an upcoming book that gave us three really great images. His post can be found here:

Aftermath: Life Debt is out! Here’s the excerpt we talked about:

We get a great pre-Celebration email from our Star Wars Celebration UK Correspondent, Nick from London. Carrie Fischer, Ray Park, Episode VIII, Benicio del Toro, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, a post-Episode IX trilogy, and ... is Mace Windu alive? My answer: #snokeismacewindu

CANON NEWS [26:05]


Of all the crashed Star Destroyers on Jakku, we know the names of two of them. The Ravager and theInflictor. We discuss the known history of these two ships.


JOKE [29:30]

Two jokes today from Chris from Star Wars Kidscast. Thanks, Chris!

What starfighter stings the most?
What starfighter is the most dressed up?


This week, the kids show me a trading card and have me guess the name of the person on that card. The card, like images of many of the other things we talked about on this episode, can be found on our show guide at

OUTRO [38:40]

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Children of the Force #41 - Saw and Orson and Bears, Oh My!

June 30, 2016

In episode 41 of Children of the Force, we discuss the huge Rogue One news drop, including the amazing news that Forest Whitaker is playing Saw Gerrera! Join us, and together we will commit morally questionable deeds in the name of freedom and liberty as father and son and daughter and listener...

As always, check out the show guide on our website for more detailed show notes along with links and photos and such:


I recently checked out “The World According to Star Wars” by Cass Sunstein.So far, it's like a less-interesting “How Star WarsConquered the Universe” by Chris Taylor. But maybe that’s because I juststarted it.

And we’ve been playing Battlefrontquite a bit since the Bespin pack released. Liam gives a rundown of all thatBespin has to offer. 

And I talk about what I’ve been up to on Twitter these days. 


How was Chewbacca’s voice created?

NEWS [12:30]

EntertainmentWeekly has a lot of Rogue One news. A lot.

We discuss the photos and characters, including a lot about Saw Gerrera. 

I do a somewhat dramatic reading of part of the new Aftermath: Life Debtexcerpt that was released over on Pretty cool stuff.

And we got some Star Wars Celebration news. Ray Park and Carrie Fischer will beat Celebration on Sunday, when our UK correspondent Nick is going to be there.But that didn’t seem like enough. So thankfully, it was announced on The StarWars Show that, yes indeed, Rian Johnson (director of Ep. VIII), KathleenKennedy (president of Lucasfilm), Kiri Hart (senior VP of development atLucasfilm), and Chris Miller and Phil Lord will have a panel talking about thenew movies!


JOKE [51:50]

Where did Obi Wan and Satine go after they got married?



I ask the kids: What is the name of the person, the son of a formerSeperatist senator, who worked with Saw and Steela Gerrara when they fought tofree Onderon from the Seperatists?

OUTRO [56:30]

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Children of the Force #40 - Nick from London!

June 17, 2016

It’s episode 40 of Children of the Force, and we have special guest Nick from London on the show! In case you were wondering what special thing we were going to do for ep. 40, this is it!


As always, for a more detailed guide, complete with photos and video, check out our show guide for this episode over on our website:



We downloaded the new demo level of The Force Awakens Lego game for PS4. It was fun. Anna really liked it. I did too, but I think the claims of new and improved gameplay might be a little bit overblown. But it was just one round, so I’m fully willing to be proven wrong. 

Anna and I read Rey’s Story. We both liked it a lot. 



We sit down via Skype with Nick (11) from London and talk about his upcoming pilgrimage to Star Wars Celebration Europe. He has volunteered to be our UK Correspondent for Celebration, and we couldn’t be happier. We also talk about a ton of other Star Wars stuff. 


JOKE [35:00]

Nick came prepared with a joke (what a guest!): What do you call someone who wants to be a Jedi? 



How did they make the sounds of C-3PO and R2-D2’s movements? Once you know, you’ll never be able to unhear it. 


NEWS [40:20]

We discuss a few new crumbs of Star Wars video game information that came out of E3.

John Williams expects to compose music for Episode VIII! Hooray!

Rian Johnson posted a couple more Episode VIII-related images online. 

John Boyega is going to star in Pacific Rim 2!

Steven Spielberg will spare Indy fans.


CANON NEWS [50:45]

Our canon news this episode is all about Rey and her life on Jakku. 


Q&A COUNCIL [55:30]

If you could spare one character from death in Episode VIII, who would it be? 

Related to this question, Liam wants Luke to die in VIII, which reminded me of this piece by Tricia Barr.


STUMP THE LUMP! [1:00:45]

I try to stump the kids: 

What is the name of the massacre Finn refers to in regard to the Rathtars? 

What’s species is Unkar Plut?

Anna and Liam have a special way of announcing that they’re the Lumps this week. It’s, as I like to call it, a “Chewbacca Mom Mask!”


OUTRO [1:05:30]

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Children of the Force #39 - Walnut Shells in a Grapefruit Rind

June 3, 2016

It’s episode 39 of Children of the Force! Join us, and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son and daughter and listener...

Check out our show guide for photos and links and all that sweet (like "dude" sweet) stuff:

This time, we start off with listener feedback, because it's the greatest.  



We all read the Lando comic recently, so we talk about that. 
Does that one part in the Lando comic give us hope for Ben’s redemption? 


How did they make the nasty crunching sound when Vader choked Captain Antilles on the Tantive IV?

NEWS [11:45]

Celebration Europe’s art was revealed, along with the names of two new types of stormtroopers: Death troopers and shoretroopers. And those AT-ATs are AT-ACTs (All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport), which makes me think that the yellow panels aren’t panels at all, but are in fact huge yellow crates that contain cargo. 


Cienna Ree is a appearing in X-Wing, from Fantasy Flight Games! 

Check out the images from The Force Awakens comic adaptation over on

CANON NEWS [27:15]

Captain Phasma’s armor has a great origin.

JOKE [30:00]

What kind of ship does a curious Rebellion pilot like to fly? 

What character in Star Wars likes burgers the most?

Q&A COUNCIL [31:10]

What Star Wars toy would you like to see produced that hasn’t been made yet?


The kids ask me the name of the character that Billie Lourd (Carrie Fisher’s daughter) plays. I fail.

OUTRO [38:10]

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Children of the Force #38 - It may not sound like much…

May 25, 2016

...but it's got it where it counts.

It’s episode 38 of Children of the Force! And seriously, this episode doesn’t sound that great because I accidentally recorded through the laptop microphone instead of our usual microphone. But I couldn’t bring myself to ask the kids to re-record a whole episode. So here we are with sub-par audio quality. Sorry 'bout that. 

As always, be sure to check out our show guide on the website for episode-specific images and more! Here's this episode's guide:


We are the proud and happy owners of The Sounds of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler!

Which brings us to our new segment…


How did Ben Burtt create the spine-chilling sound of Darth Vader’s breath? 

NEWS [4:00]

The final cover image for The Force Awakens comic adaptation has been released. I still don’t like it, but it’s not as cringe-worthy as it used to be. 

A new Battlefront coming in 2017? Sounds pretty cool.

CANON NEWS [11:05]

Kylo Ren, aka Jedi Killer.

Also, Kylo prevented the return of the Jedi order, which makes us wonder what was up with Luke’s students that they hadn’t “returned” yet. 

JOKE [14:40]

Chris from Star Wars Kidscast has a couple more jokes for us.

What shiny Stormtrooper Commander really likes music?

What Resistance pilot is always staring at his phone?


Q&A COUNCIL [15:60]


If you could turn any letter, number or food item into a Star Wars ship, what would it be?




I ask the kids a couple questions this week:

Who is Niima Outpost named after?

When was R2-D2’s last memory wipe?



Noah sent us a theory on Finn. It doesn’t quite fit (Anna pokes the holes), but how great it is that kids are trying to figure this stuff out!

OUTRO [31:05]

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SPOILERS!!! [33:00]

The rest of the episode contains mild spoilers for Rogue One... so abandon spoilerphobedom, all ye who enter here.


Children of the Force #37 - To Infinity… and…

May 21, 2016

It's episode #37 of Children of the Force! Join us, and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son and daughter and listener....

As always, check out the show guide on our website where we have photos and links to go along with this episode: Get over there!


We’ve been listening to Jabba Flow quite a bit. I’ve even inserted it into my TFA soundtrack right between “The Rathtars” and “Finn’s Confession.”

Not Star Warsy, but we’ve been slowly watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The kids dig it.

NEWS [7:10]

Alden Ehrenreich is reported to be the next Han Solo! The kids are a little worried, and really, who isn’t? 

The Darth Vader comic is ending with issue #25 in August. I give that a big shoulder shrug and hope it means another comic will be cancelled soon, horrible as that sounds. 

Disney infinity is also ending. Again, not a big deal to us, even though we have Infinity. One word reason for that: Battlefront. And rest assured, we'll talk about the news that Battlefront is getting a sequel in the next episode. There was just too much stuff to talk about this time around. 

The kids have no idea what Freemakers means. I rectify that.

CANON NEWS [26:40]


The canon news comes from the book Bloodline and contains minor spoilers for the book. So I’m not going to write about it here.

JOKE(s) [35:05]


Jokes this week are from twoof Liam’s classmates and, you guess it, Chris from Star Wars Kidscast!

-What did BB-8 say to R2-D2 on Valentine’s Day?
-Which Star Wars character loves to shop?
-Where to Kanjiklub like to surf and swim?
-What is Kanjiklub’s favorite fruit flavor?


REVIEW [38:20]


This week we review theC-3PO comic … finally.

We also discuss that fact that this Lego short picks up where the 3PO comic leaves off.

Which is sort of weird and makes me think there’s some … canonosity? …to the Lego stuff.


Q&A COUNCIL [47:55]


The kids’ classmates knock the Q&ACouncil out of the park this week!


-What, in your opinion, is the mostdevastating moment in all seven Star Wars movies?
-What do you think Episode VIII and Episode IX will be named?
-If you could make any Star Wars movie, what would the name be and what would it be about?

Also, Chris from Star Wars Kidscast answers our question from a couple episodes ago about what weird thing we want to see in Episode VIII!

SHOUTOUTS [1:05:35]

Shout-out to 501stCentral Garrison member TK-11468, Mr. Jesse Edberg.
Shout-out to comic artist Michael Walsh, who I also ran into at my brother’swedding. 
Shout-out to The Younglings Podcast, which is back for its second season! Check them out over at 

OUTRO [1:10:00]

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