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Reaction Corps - The Rise of Skywalker SWCC teaser

April 23, 2019

It's our full breakdown and reaction to The Rise of Skywalker teaser! We're going to take this Skywalker theory further than it's ever gone before! 

We'll also discuss questions like: 
Why isn't Kylo shooting Rey? 
Why is he flying left?
(By the way, I made a video showing what it would look like if the movement went from left to right. Here it is:"

Who's fixing Kylo's mask? 

Is that the Death Star I or Death Star II? 

Who is rising, exactly? 

Will Rey be a Skywalker? And what could that even mean? 

Then we listen to what J.J., K.K., and the actors have to say about the teaser and the movie. 

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