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CotF Reaction Corps - Clone Wars: Overlords

June 5, 2015

We had good intentions to cover the whole Mortis arc in this episode, but there was just so darn much to talk about! So instead, you get us reviewing and reacting to the first episode of the Mortis trilogy, Overlords. 

Is the Son the Inquisitor? Is the Daughter so selfless that she's just annoying? Was the Father a "chosen one" thousands of years ago? Is there a Mother? 
We attempt to untangle the web of Mortis, discuss what the Legends continuity did with it in regards to the Mother (or the lack thereof), talk about what this episode means for Ahsoka's future, and discuss Qui-Gon as a Force spirit. 
Join us, and together we will de-ignite lightsabers with our hands as Father, Son, Daughter and Listener!
Mortis databank entry on (with links to related people and places)

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