CotF Reaction Corps - Clone Wars: Nightsisters / Monster / Witches of the Mist

April 28, 2015

In this episode of Reaction Corps, we review and analyze and oldie but a goodie, the Nightsisters arc from season 3 of The Clone Wars. It's a pretty spooky arc with quite a bit of horrible things occurring, and ... well ... witches and Sith. What do you expect, right? 

Do you root for or against Ventress? Feel sorry for her? I think all of us did all three at different points in the arc. 
We also have a fun time discussing the similarities and differences between Sith and Jedi training.
Join us, and together we will engorge our muscles using Magick as father and son and daughter and listener!
Nightsisters databank entry on (with links to related people and places)