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Children of the Force #98 - Cool Guy Chewie (Who is NOT a Pet)

February 20, 2018


This week, we're talking Solo-related books, the domesticity of Chewie, the tech ability of Ewoks, and how Darth Vader goes to the bathroom. Yeah, we went there. 

As always, pop on over to our website for a detailed show guide. This one includes images of a lot of the stuff we talk about on the show. You'll want to see those Corellian hounds:


We’re making our way through the MCU. As I type this, we’re in the middle of Thor: The Dark World.

NEWS [5:05]

A new Solo poster with (some of) the gang all together.

John Faverau is coming back to Star Wars to voice an alien in Solo.

Paul Inglis is going to be the art director for Episode IX. Here are some images from other movies he was art director for. Pretty cool stuff.

Entertainment Weekly told us about a whole bunch of books:

JOKE [39:20]


How does Darth Vader go to the bathroom?

I don’t know, actually. We want you to fill in the punch line.


Q&A COUNCIL [42:30]


Did we move on from The Last Jedi too quickly?




What’s the name of the non-Wedge pilot Sabine rescued from Skystrike Academy?

OUTRO [47:25]

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