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Children of the Force #96 - Han Clone-o

January 30, 2018

This week, we have a pretty basic episode. Nothing special here. But it's still fun. We're talking bounty hunters, The Last Jedi novelization and more! Check out our website for a better show guide with video, images and links:


We’re all watching through the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The kids haven’t seen most of them, so I thought it was high time to watch them all so we can be ready for Infinity War.


Christina sent us an email asking about bounty hunters. So we do!

NEWS [21:00]

Some exciting news via the Star Wars show about Rian Johnson working with Jason Fry to add new scenes to The Last Jedi novelization. 

JOKE [30:45] 

What do the crystal foxes do with their phones?


Liam has a couple questions for us from Bomber Command:

What’s the name of those frog things that Hutts eat?
How many bombs are in the bomb bay of the Resistance bombers?

OUTRO [34:00]

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