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Children of the Force #88 - TV, Trilogies, Battlefront, NEW!

November 14, 2017

This week, we talk all about the NEW trilogy that was announced, the NEW tv show coming in 2019(?), Battlefront II ... and a whole galaxy of other stuff. Join us, and together we will explore the unknown regions as father and son and daughter and listener...

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We’ve started our watch-through of all Star Wars movies in the lead up to The Last Jedi.

Battlefront II is, as you’re reading this, out for all of those who pre-ordered!


What do STAPs, AATs and Gungan shields all have in common? Their sounds all come from the same technique.

NEWS [17:15]

We’re getting a new live action television show in 2019 (or later). And a new trilogy!

We, of course, talk about some things we’d like to see.

We’re getting a Battlefront II DLC in less than a month. Finn, Phasma and new levels!

The first images from the Thrawn comic were released.

Q&A COUNCIL [40:35]

We revisit Kat’s question about Forces of Destiny from last week. What would you like to see Forces of Destiny do? I have another idea. The kids are still doing their homework.

And we talk a bit about another of Kat’s emails I forgot to get to. 

JOKE [48:10]

Kat sent us a joke! What would Finn say to Rey if she ignored the Force?

OUTRO [49:30]

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