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Children of the Force #87 - Celebrate the Love

November 7, 2017

This week, we're talking about things we love, play spot the difference with the domestic and international The Last Jedi posters, check in on listener emails, and more! Join us, and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son and daughter and listener...

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We watched the most recent episodes of Rebels and DON’T SPOIL THEM in this episode.

We’re also catching up on (and re-reading) a bunch of comics.

How has Disney been doing in the 5 years since they bought Lucasfilm? We think they're making a good product, regardless of what you think of Disney as a company.


This episode, I take time to talk about things I’ve been loving. One podcast about Padme and two new podcasts that have kids! Here are links to the shows we talk about:

Comics with Kenobi – Young Padawans Edition


Me and My Padawan

We also got a some great emails from our listeners Nick and Kat. 

NEWS [31:35]

The international trailer was released.

The international poster also was released, and we play a game of Spot the Difference with this poster and the original one.

And we also got a commercial with new footage. 

We got a new image of Rose in Entertainment Weekly’s story about her.

And Thandie Newton thinks Solo is going to be great.

CANON NEWS [42:00]

Which Star Wars character ran naked into a formal diplomatic dinner?

Q&A COUNCIL [42:40]

Kat has a question: What do you think would be a great Forces of Destiny episode?

OUTRO [50:00]

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