Children of the Force - a Star Wars podcast

Children of the Force #8 - Chrisopher Lee and Snoke and Uprising, oh my!

June 17, 2015

Episode 8 of Children of the Force heralds a return to form and the start of summer (related, those are)! We discuss the Star Warsy stuff we've been up to lately, talk about the great Christopher Lee, the reveal of Andy Serkis' name in The Force Awakens and discuss the upcoming video game Star Wars: Uprising.

In our Canon News segment, we talk about the recently revealed fact that there are "horror holos" in the Star Wars galaxy, per the Star Wars Insider short story, Rebel Bluff. 
I tell a joke.
We review issue 3 and 4 of the Princess Leia comic, and we go a round in the Question and Answer Council.
Join us, and together we'll have a bunch of laughs as Father and Son and Daughter and Listener.

Twitter: @forcechildren

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