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Children of the Force #78 - Ewoks, Rex, Dot, Dot, Dot

August 9, 2017

In this episode we talk Ewok language, movie news, Rex, and more! As always, check out the show guide on our website for images, links and what-not. Special treat this episode, we post images of our ceiling. It's riveting stuff. Check it out:


I finally finished Rebel Rising. It's a nice companion to Inferno Squad. 


How did they make the Ewok language and Ewok war cries? Ben Burtt was a busy guy.

We also get into a discussion of whether or not it’s responsible to use languages from our world when constructing languages for characters like the Ewoks. What do you think?

NEWS [13:40]

John Powell is the composer for the still-untitled Han Solo movie. We listen to a bit of the How to Train Your Dragon score, which he composed.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Episode IX is getting a re-write by Jack Thorne. Yay!

Kieron Gillen is going to be writing the Star Wars comic now, instead of Jason Aaron. His first story arc will take place on Jedha.


It's a new segment! With a new song! 

More news...

New immersive VR experience coming to Disney.

Finally, is Rex the old guy on Endor? We explore arguments for and against it, both from a pro-representation standpoint.

CANON NEWS [41:50]

Saw Gerrera’s Partisans became the Dreamers post-Yavin.

JOKE [44:45]

How do you unlock Maz Kanata’s heart?

Q&A COUNCIL [46:25]

Um, Anna has a question for the council. It’s an odd one. Um … which dot on my bedroom ceiling is your favorite? You can... um... see photos of my ceiling on our website. 

OUTRO [49:20]

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