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Children of the Force #75 - When They Go Solo, We Go High

June 29, 2017

Yes, we talk about the Han Solo movie director shake-up in this episode. Making movies ain't like dusting crops, kid. We also tell an awful joke, pitch a couple of our own "From a Certain Point of View" stories, and more! 


Anna’s still working through those Vader comics. She’s savoring them.

Liam’s been re-reading all of the Star Wars comics.

Nick from London sent us a stellar “Tell that to Kanjiklub”

…aaaaand Hamilton.

NEWS [17:45]

A bit of info came out about those new IDW comics.

And some story details came out about a few short stories in From a Certain Point of View. 

And of course, we talk about that Han Solo stand-alone director shake-up. Fun stuff.

Rogue One is coming to Netflix!

Also, Inferno Squad excerpt

CANON NEWS [36:20]

What happened right after Saw brought Jyn up from that hatch?

JOKE [38:15]

A story about Tammy, Tina and Han Solo.

Q&A COUNCIL [41:05]

If you wrote a story for From a Certain Point of View, who would it be about?

Fun project: Send us your short Star Wars stories and I'll publish them in some form!

OUTRO [52:20]

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