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Children of the Force #74 - Wonder Women

June 15, 2017

In this episode, we put the final touches on our Celebration re-cap, talking about some awesomely feminist things that were said at a couple different panels. We also gush over Wonder Woman and Beauty and the Beast. Add some Canon News, a joke and a question for the Question and Answer Council, and you got yourself an episode of Children of the Force! As always, check out the show guide on our website for links, videos and images that go along with this episode. 

Thanks to Nick from London and ElvenPadawan for leaving the new reviews of the show on iTunes! You’re both winners, in our book.

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We’re giving Adventures in Wild Space another try, maybe.

Non Star-Warsy: We saw both Wonder Woman and Beauty and the Beast on Saturday. Two thumbs up to both!

NEWS [22:50]

Battlefront II! Check out the game-play trailer and the extended gameplay video were released last weekend.


CANON NEWS [39:45]

There are creatures that live between the seams of space and time!


JOKE [41:15]

How did Han die?


Q&A COUNCIL [42:35]


If you could have one Force ability, what would it be?




What’s the name of the race Han Solo flew in in that Han Solo comic miniseries?

OUTRO [51:40]

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