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Children of the Force #72 - May the Force Arena be with You

May 31, 2017


On this episode we’re joined by Nick from London to talk about Force Arena (and other Star Wars things). (And things not related to Star Wars at all.) 

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Nick read Death Troopers. Liam watched some Star Wars rap battles. Nick’s been playing the Galaxy of Heroes app.

Nick and Al exchange The Last Jedi teaser stories.

Nick has a theory about DJ and Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo.

NEWS [22:20]

We talk more about that Vanity Fair article and photos.

CANON NEWS [33:40]

What was Krennic thinking in his final moment?


Nick, Liam and I geek out about Force Arena for the rest of the episode. In addition to giving an overview of the game, talking strategy and more, Nick also came up with his own new additions to the game.

OUTRO [1:31:00]

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Thanks for listening, and may the Force (Arena) be with you!

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