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Children of the Force #71 - Birrut and Chaze

May 24, 2017

In this episode, we discuss the images from that Vanity Fair article, talk a lot about Chirrut and Baze, gush over Battlefront II, talk about how far movies have to go toward gender parity... and more! As always, check out the show guide over on our website for images, videos and more:


I correct my previous statement about the Bechdel Test. The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones are, of the original 6 movies, the only ones that pass. Which isn’t to say that they’re feminist movies by any stretch of the imagination. But they pass the test. Barely. 

Speaking of gender parity in films, check out The Largest Ever Analysis of Film Dialogue by Gender on The Pudding:

Liam and I are still in the clutches of Force Arena. Check out the app… if you dare. 

Liam is re-reading the Vader comics. Anna started reading them, too, since we recorded this. The kids get off on a tangent about how much they like the graphic novels by Raina Telgemeier.

NEWS [11:10]

Before getting into the regular news, we interject with some breaking news and talk about the images that were included with that great Vanity Fair article on Wednesday morning. We’ll be discussing the content of the article in an upcoming episode. But for now, check out the article here to see the photos:

We also talk about the new Cassian and K-2SO one-shot comic and the new Mace Windu (is Snoke) comic mini-series!


Ian asks via voicemail: Are Baze and Chirrut gay? We explore the Rogue One novelization to see what it has to say.


We round out our Celebration news recap talking about Battlefront II. 

Check out the website here:

We didn't get any big video game news other than the new Battlefront, which is surprising, given this year-old video about upcoming EA Star Wars games:

JOKE [59:10]

Jokes this week are courtesy of Chris from Star Wars Kidscast: 

What were Baze & Chirrut called when they worked at a pharmacy?
What were Baze & Chirrut called when they worked as accountants?
What were Baze & Chirrut called when they worked as fishermen?
What were Baze & Chirrut called when they worked at a haunted house?
What were Baze & Chirrut called when they worked at a pickle factory?

OUTRO [1:01:05]

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