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Children of the Force #67 - Celebration! The Last Jedi teaser! Books!

April 19, 2017

Welcome to the first of at least three episodes where we defenestrate the format in order to recap all of the goodness that came out of Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Big thanks to Amy and Emily for their reporting from Celebration. We'll be hearing more from them on the next episode, too! 

Most of this episode consists of us frame-by-framing through The Last Jedi teaser and obsessing over every last word and detail. Then we talk briefly about some new books that were announced (and yes, I already know I was mistaken about when that Leia book takes place)! 

We hope you enjoy the show. And just for giggles, connect with us in one of the follwing ways to let us know which Star Wars autograph you covet the most.

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