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Children of the Force #65 - Thermal Denominator

March 29, 2017

Han Solo, The Last Jedi, tangents, detonators, jokes and more tangents. Hey, it's another episode of Children of the Force! 

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Liam and I joined a couple friends at the Guillermo Del Toro exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. It was creepily awesome. 

And then we go on a very long tangent about the limits of virtual reality, among other things.


How did they make the thermal detonator sound? Jabba can see how. 

NEWS [20:45]

We discuss that news about The Last Jedi and the Han Solo movie that Bob Iger (of all people) dropped as some conference. Via The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline

Woody Harrelson revealed his character’s name on Jimmy Fallon!

CANON NEWS [38:00]

Lumpy is canon!

JOKE [41:20]

Two more jokes from Evan!

What are the first three months of a Star Wars calendar?

Shmi Skywalker had other children. One of her sons became a model. His name was ________.


Liam asks me a question about a certain weapon in The Force Awakens, testing the limits of my memory.

OUTRO [46:00]

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REBELS: ZERO HOUR discussion [48:40]

Our quick and dirty discussion about the Rebels season 3 finale, Zero Hour. Oh, and check out the Rebels Recon for the episode:

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