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Children of the Force #63 - Propaganda and the V-Bomb

March 8, 2017

On episode 63, we talk about Pablo Hidalgo's book on Star Wars propaganda. And we overshare. Enjoy! 

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Chris from Star Wars Kidscast sends us an email to help us pronounce Joonas Suotamo. Here it is:

YOU-nus SWO-ta-mo (SWO rhymes with show and flow)

Nick sends us some more questions/theories about the Inquisitors.

We talk a lot about racism/speciesism and the Empire, a discussion inspired by the most recent Beltway Banthas episode. And we drop a big V-bomb.

NEWS [23:35]

Rebels is getting a fourth season!

Michael K. Williams joins the cast of the Han Solo stand-alone.

CANON NEWS [27:30]

This week’s Canon News is all from the book Star Wars Propaganda: A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy by Pablo Hidalgo.

JOKE [47:05]

Jokes this week are courtesy of Chris from Star Wars Kidscast!
What do you call a donkey Rebel?
What do you call a really funny rogue Rebel?
What do you call a Rebel leader at Christmastime?
What do you call Rebel cheerleader?
What do you call an old lady who runs a Rebel cell?

OUTRO [49:25]

We talk about some non-Star Warsy stuff. Anna’s excited about a sleepover. Liam and Anna have been listening to Grace VaderWaal. And I talk again about that whole vegan thing. The aforementioned V-bomb.

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