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Children of the Force #62 - Han Solo, Galactic Atlas, Inquisitors, etc.

March 1, 2017

On episode 62, we talk Han Solo news and do a run-down of some of what we learned from the beautiful Galactic Atlas. And more, of course. Check out our show guide for more links and images:


Star Wars Day at the Minnesota Science Museum was super fun! Photos are on the blog. 

We briefly discuss the newest Rebels episode, Through Imperial Eyes. It was rather stressful. 

NEWS [12:30]

Han Solo Movie news! Confirmed cast!

Rogue One home video release is on April 4th. Digital on March 24th.

CANON NEWS [20:20]

This week’s canon news is all from Galactic Atlas, which is a gorgeous book you should all go out and buy.  

JOKE [42:30]

Knock Knock-> Who’s There?-> Jabba The->

What do you call a droid at the Renaissance Fair?

Q&A COUNCIL [45:30]

What happened to all the Inquisitors? Let me know over on Twitter!

OUTRO [49:00]

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