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Children of the Force #56 - A Parent’s Guide to Grief, Rogue One, and Bad Jokes

December 31, 2016

We start off episode 56 memorializing Carrie Fischer by reading some tributes to her and then adding a bit of our own thoughts and feelings. Then it's on with the show and talking about kids and Rogue One, telling some jokes and remembering our favorite Leia scenes! 

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First, we talk about how much we appreciate our new patrons Alethea and Nick from London and his family. Impossible to state how much we appreciate all of the support from all of our patrons.

Second, I apologize for an unintentionally sexist comment that I made in the last episode that made it sound like only men play football. My mistake. Sorry. And I’ll try to do better.

Then we talk about some of the cool Star Wars stuff we got for Christmas. It’s the most Star Warsy time of the year!

Then we launch into this great piece on the Entertainment Weekly website about kids and Rogue One. Give it a read. The kids really liked this article, too:

We listen to Riz Ahmed talk about the #10for10 campaign to help out Syria and Syrian refugees.

Then we discuss some Rogue One bits and bobs.

CANON NEWS [48:20]

Two words: Bor Gullet.

JOKE [49:45]

How did Bodi know that Bor Gullet was going to wrap those tentacles around him? ok
Why did Bodi think Bor Gullet was a Rathtar?
What did Bodi do after Bor Gullet looked into his mind?
Which rebel is really great at chess?



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OUTRO [58:50]

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