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Children of the Force #55 - Rogue One: Our Star Wars Story

December 17, 2016


It’s episode 55 of Children of the Force, where we discuss Rogue One in all its glory. Abandon hope, all ye spoilerphobes who enter here. For here there be SPOILERS.

That’s right….


Before discussing Rogue One, we do some pre-game warm-ups and talk right before the movie about a few things we’re expecting to see. And then immediately after the credits stop rolling we start recording our reactions. Then again in the car. Then again the next day at home. We had a lot to say! 

Oh, and head on over to our website to see a few photos from opening night:


Because I don’t want to spoil the movie here in the show notes, I’m not going to give a breakdown of what we talk about. But trust me, it's good stuff. 

CANON NEWS [1:20:45]

Really, it’s all canon news at this point. But for the segment this week, we identify a couple colorful leaders who we’ve seen before.

JOKE [1:24:20]

What’s the one thing you really need in order to have a Bounty Hunter party?

Q&A COUNCIL [1:25:05]

Funniest moment in Rogue One?

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OUTRO [1:31:55]

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