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Children of the Force #50 - 50!

November 9, 2016


Coming to you from simpler times (the Monday before the election), it's episode 50 of Children of the Force! As always, please check out our show guide for links and photos and all that good stuff:

First we take a trip down memory lane and talk about some of the stuff we did on our very first episode. Then…


Amy’s kids and Nick both answer our question about their scariest moment in Star Wars.

Liam is working on his Star Wars Stickman comic. He’s finished issue 1 and is working on issue 2.

I saw Doctor Strange in IMAX 3D over the weekend, which means I got to also see the Rogue One trailer in IMAX 3D. It was epic.

The kids’ grandma knows what’s up with Rogue One.


How did they make the sound of Han slicing the Tauntaun open?

NEWS [17:30]

Donald Glover is the young Lando in the Han Solo standalone. Which means Lando is going to be in the Han Solo standalone!

Daisy Ridley sort of said that we’ll find out about Rey’s parents in Episode VIII.

Gary Whitta on Twitter showed us the Mexican poster for Rogue One, which gives us a good view of Yavin IV.

CANON NEWS [23:15]

They play Crokinole in Star Wars! This game has some deep personal meaning to me and I’m so happy to read all about Ahsoka playing it with friends in the new Ahsoka novel.

JOKE [30:50]

An oldie, but a goodie knock knock joke:

“Knock Knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Art who?”

Q&A COUNCIL [31:50]

We rank all Star Wars movies from favorite to least favorite. We also revisit our rankings from the past. Liam thinks that when Rogue One comes out, it will be at the top of our lists. “It is going to be great. It’s going to be awesome.”


Liam tries and succeeds in stumping me by asking a nearly impossible question about the name of the blaster on the top of the snow speeder we pretty much never see in The Force Awakens.


Shout out to all who’ve been there with us so far and all who will be there with us in the future!

OUTRO [57:35]

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