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Children of the Force #47 - Truly Wonderful, the Mind of a Child Is

September 20, 2016

On Episode 47, we have a couple voicemails from our favorite five year old listener, Isaac. And a ton of Yoda conversation. 

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Liam and I have been reading the Vader comic's Shu-Torun War trade paperback.

We’ve been watching the Go Rogue short films full of toys.

I checked out the first episode of You Seek Knowledge, which is a great podcast that explores the nooks and crannies of the galaxy far, far away. Check it out. 

And the title of that podcast leads to a discussion about how Maul has become a sympathetic character, even though we don’t consider him one of the “good guys.” 


What’s the deal with Garindan’s voice? Well, pilgrim, it has an interesting story, I’ll tell ya what.

NEWS [12:20]

Rogue One has a new composer.

A new Yoda arc is coming up in the Star Wars comic. It’s going to tell the story of a pre-prequel adventure of Yoda’s. 

CANON NEWS [21:35]

How does the Empire feel about non-humans? Not so great.

JOKE [33:35]

Isaac asks: Who is Darth Maul’s little brother? 

I ask: What did Han Solo say when, while on a pirate ship, he spotted someone on a far away island?

Q&A COUNCIL [35:40]

Isaac also has a question for the Question and Answer Council. Who was Yoda’s master? 

There are so many ways to approach this question and we try them all out. 


Liam asks a question from Star Wars Trivial Pursuit: How many puppeteers controlled Jabba’s head in Return of the Jedi?

OUTRO [51:30]

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