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Children of the Force #45 - Back to School

September 8, 2016

It’s episode 45 of Children of the Force! This episode, we discuss The Freemaker Adventures, Rogue One: Catalyst, and therapy Ewoks!

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Anna and Liam were guests on The Boink Show. Check it out:

We finished watching The Freemaker Adventures and loved it.

Liam and I are almost done playing Lego The Force Awakens. All we have left is the long climb to Luke Skywalker!

And this isn’t Star Warsy, but we recently finished a re-watch of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s even better when you watch it again. I suggest listening to The Avatar State podcast as you go through the series. Lots of great analysis and it’s pretty hilarious (and 95% kid-friendly). And I don't even know those people. I just like plugging good podcasts.

Season 3 of Rebels is premiering on September 24th!


We discuss the language and sound of Jawas!

NEWS [19:25]

Star Wars Reads Day is approaching! At some point in October!

The Rogue One: Catalyst synopsis is here! 

Chapter 1 of Go Rogue showed us a lot of the new Rogue One toys that will be on store shelves soon.

Mark Hamill shaved his beard and gave us a great crumb of information with the accompanying tweet.

The legendary Trawn trilogy is getting new covers.

And a Rogue One coloring book might just get me into coloring.

CANON NEWS [32:55]

Two words: Therapy Ewoks.

JOKE [35:00]

Q. Who makes the best war notes in the Trade Federation?

Q. How did Sebulba find the buried treasure?

REVIEW [36:15]

We talk a bit about The Freemaker Adventures and give it a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 kyber crystals.

Q&A COUNCIL [41:00]

Will Ezra turn to the dark side in season 3 of Rebels?


Anna asks me the name of the Resistance doctor who tends to Chewie’s wound in The Force Awakens.

OUTRO [47:20]

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