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Children of the Force #44 - #ImWithJyn

August 16, 2016

It’s episode 44 of Children of the Force! Join us, and together we will talk about that Rogue One trailer as father and son and daughter and listener. 

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Lego The Force Awakens video game! The Freemaker Adventures! Liam had a blast coding over at! Battlefront ridiculousness! Han Solo comic! Poecomic!

NEWS [19:20]

Bunch of new information coming to us from and Entertainment Weekly.  

We analyze the new Rogue One entries in the Star Wars databank.

And of course, we react to and analyze the new Rogue One trailer. You’ve already seen it, but watch it again!

We didn’t talk about the international trailer in this show because it hadn’t come out at the time of recording. But if you’re like me, you may have noticed that Jyn’s “May the Force be with us,” in that international trailer is different from the same line (same scene, same shot) in the Celebration sizzle reel. I made a handy video for comparison:

CANON NEWS [1:07:50]

Jabba’s Rancor has a name! And it’s adorable. 

JOKE [1:10:32]

Three jokes this episode from Chris from Star Wars Kidscast. Here are the set-ups, you’ll have to listen for the punch lines. 

Who is Darth Maul's little brother?

Who is Darth Maul's BIG brother?

Who is Darth Maul's country cousin?

Q&A COUNCIL [15:10]


How much Vader do you want in Rogue One and what do you want to see him doing?

Send us an email ( or voicemaill ( to let us know!


STUMP THE LUMP! [1:19:15]


Liam asks a question from Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. Who is the first person to thank C-3PO after being set free in the Ewok village?

OUTRO [1:21:55]

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Twitter: @forcechildren

Thanks for listening, and may the Force be with you! 

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