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Children of the Force #43 - SWCE 2016 - Nick’s Report

July 23, 2016

We're lucky enough to be joined by Nick from London whoattended day three of Celebration 2016. This episode has Nick's on-the-scenereporting from Celebration, in addition to a conversation with us a couple dayslater where he filled us in on all the rest of the awesomeness hewitnessed.


Check out to see all of Nick's photos. 


Liam and I chat with Nick about his time at Celebration.

NEWS [35:50]

Nick sticks around to join us for the news!

Episode VIII has wrapped!

Ahsoka’s Untold Tales panel at SWCE revealed some great information. We brieflytouch on what each of these three untold story arcs would have been about. 

And we’re getting even more Ahsoka in October, with the Ahsoka novel.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Thrawn. We had to talk about Thrawn.

A interview with Timothy Zahn revealed that the timeline for hisupcoming Thrawn novel will span the time between when he first “encounters theEmpire,” and lead up to the events of season three of Rebels.

OUTRO [46:00]

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