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Children of the Force #4 - Celebrating Vicariously

April 13, 2015

On episode #4 of Children of the Force, we lament the fact that we’re not going to Star Wars Celebration this year. But that’s not all! We talk about the Star Warsy stuff we’ve been up to, including … well, basically feeling bad about not going to Celebration. But also feeling happy for everyone who is!

We also discuss the upcoming Journey to the Force Awakens books in detail and freak out about the possibility of J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy presenting a trailer for The Force Awakens at Celebration.

This episode also includes an enthusiastic review of issue #1 of Kanan: The Last Padawan. In the episode, I mention that there are some panels from this comic up at Here’s the link for those:

And of course, a joke is told and questions are asked. 

And Liam utters this sentence: “I got real trading cards, not just trading cards on a phone or a device.”

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