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Children of the Force #33 - Rogue One… With Vibroblades!

April 12, 2016

In episode 33 of Children of the Force we discuss that Rogue One teaser. Liam has an obsession with vibroblades. And we talk about music. And a whole bunch more. 

As always, be sure to check out our show guide for more links and images that go along with this episode: We put up a ton of screenshots from the Rogue One trailer this time around. Oh, and that great photo of Liam as a Sith. 


We’ve been watching The Force Awakens and The Clone Wars, naturally.  

We continue our read-through of The Marysue’s Resistance, Caring and “Mask”ulinity: The Feminist Message of the Dude’s in the Force Awakens by Kate Bennion. This week, we’re talking about old Han and how he’s so much better than young Han. 

NEWS [17:00]

We got our first Rogue One trailer!

So we talk about that for quite some time. The kids are waaaay more excited for it now than they were before this thing came out. And so am I. 

Also in the news, an Ahsoka novel is coming, and there’s an Aftermath: Life Debt excerpt over at Entertainment Weekly.

CANON NEWS [53:15]

Our canon news this time around comes from Aftermath by Chuck Wendig. Did you know that after the Emperor was killed on the second Death Star, the Empire continued to insist he was still alive? They even went so far as to put a decoy in front of the cameras in order to convince the galaxy.

JOKE [55:35]

We have four jokes today, all from Chris from Star Wars Kidscast! 

Who's the richest man in the First Order?
Who is the tallest man in the First Order?
Who is the biggest hockey fan in the First Order?
Who is the grossest man in the First Order?

Q&A COUNCIL [57:10]

Our question this episode comes from listener Asher who sent us a voicemail asking what our favorite Star Wars musical theme is. It’s a tough question and I think our answers change quite often. What is your favorite Star Wars musical theme? Why don’t you send us a voicemail over at speakpipe ( and let us know. We’d love to play your answer on our next episode.

STUMP THE LUMP! [1:00:30]

The kids ask me the name of that droid in Maz Kanata’s castle who alerts the Resistance to the presence of BB-8. I get it half right.

OUTRO [1:03:15]

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Thanks for listening, and may the Force be with you! 

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