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Children of the Force #31 - URoRRuR’R'R: A Star Wars Story

March 22, 2016

In episode 31 of Children of the Force we discuss Tusken Raiders, Rogue One speculation and literature, Battlefront, tell a joke that's not ours, do a Lumpy impression ... and more! Join us, and together we will bark like a Sandperson as father and son and daughter and listener...

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I purchased Empire vs. Rebellion, the card game from Fantasy Flight Games over the weekend. It seems pretty fun, but we haven’t had a chance to play a proper game yet.

We’re really excited for the Battlefront Outer Rim expansion over here. Can’t wait to tear apart Jabba’s palace.

Refer to Episode 19: Rated F for Fun for discussion about video game and movie ratings and why we don’t always follow their suggestions.

We recently purchased Star Wars: The Force Awakens Head-to-Head, the new book by Pablo Hidalgo. It's awesome.

NEWS [9:45]

We discuss Catalyst: A Rogue One Story and the three-issue Rogue One comic miniseries and Rogue One one-shot. The kids still aren't too excited about Rogue One. I predict that will change after we see the first trailer. 

Claudia Grey announced that there will be one Lost Stars character making an appearance in Bloodline.

Speaking of Bloodline, we read and analyze a couple blurbs about the book. 

I rip on the cover art for issue #1 of The Force Awakens comic adaptation while the kids (mostly Anna) defend it. 

We discuss this interview of Daisy Ridley and how we made the same joke a month before she made it at the Oscars. Geek minds think alike! Also, she confirms that Episode VIII will begin the same way that Episode VII ended.

CANON NEWS [39:35]

“URoRRuR'R'R” is the name of the Tusken Raider who knocked Luke unconscious in A New Hope. We also find out (via Pablo Hidalgo himself (via twitter)) whether or not Tuskens are human, as stated in The Force Awakens Head-to-Head.

JOKE [43:30]

This joke is from Chris from Star Wars Kidscast.

Q: Why did Rey run out of instant bread?

Q&A COUNCIL [45:15]

Will Ahsoka die at the hands of Darth Vader in the Rebels season 2 finale?

Will that be one of the saddest deaths in all of Star Wars?


Anna and Liam ask me a question from Star Wars Trivial Pursuit: What were the colors of the four Rebel fighter groups that participated in the second Death Star battle.

I fail miserably.


Shoutout to the door-to-door public television membership salesperson who downloaded our podcast as he walked away from our house. Thanks for listening!

OUTRO [52:10]

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