Children of the Force - a Star Wars podcast

Children of the Force #3

March 26, 2015

In episode 3 of Children of the Force, we talk about the Star Warsy things we’ve been doing these days. We talk about the Clone Wars Ziro the Hutt arc, which then leads to discussion of the new Ventress/Vos book, Dark Disciple. 

In the news, Anna laughs way too loud when hearing that Harrison Ford broke his ankle back in June. And we discuss that incident while talking about Ford’s recent crash landing. We also discuss the new lesbian character in the upcoming novel, Lords of the Sith, and how inclusion is a good thing. We also talk about the author of that book and discuss the essay The Death of the Author ( by Roland Barthes and how it can be applied in this situation.

Oh, and Mark Hammil wants you to go to Free Comic Book Day!

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We also do the Canon News, a Joke, review Marvel's Princess Leia #1 and #2 and welcome guest Annie Stoll to the Question & Answer Council! 

Join us, and together we will dismantle the patriarchy as father and son and daughter and listener!

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