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Children of the Force #27 - Happabore Backwash

February 10, 2016

It’s episode 27 of Children of the Force!  Join us, as we discuss books, news, theories, happabore backwash, GNK names, and more!


Weekend X-Wing games are becoming a regular thing in our house. Here’s a time-lapse video of one of the games we played last weekend.

Anna stopped reading Rey’s Survival Guide because she felt that Rey was being too negative.

We’ve all now read the Jedi Academy trilogy and loved it. 

We read a great listener email, which includes these theories: 

1. Is Kylo Ren a playing a long con on Snoke?
2. Is that Unkar Plutt holding Rey’s hand in her force flashback (aka: forceback)?
3. Is Snoke Darth Palgueis?

We also get into a spoiler-free discussion about two episodes of Rebels, The Protector of Concord Dawn and Legends of the Lasat, including a listen to “Journey Into the Star Cluster,” one of the finest pieces of music Kevin Kiner has written for Rebels or The Clone Wars.

NEWS [25:00]

A description for New Republic: Bloodline! 

An updated DK Star Wars Character Guide! 
Lego: The Force Awakens video game!

CANON NEWS [34:10]

This week's canon news is all about BB-8. 

Q&A COUNCIL [37:50]

Who is your favorite background character from the seven current movies?
Who is your favorite character in The Empire Strikes Back?

Tangent: It’s not OK that Han didn’t let go of Leia’s hand when she told her to “stop that” twice.


What’s the name of the GNK droid in The Force Awakens?


@torpedoted13 is consistently awesome on Twitter and always let’s us know when he’s listening. Thanks a ton, Ted.

OUTRO [49:40]

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