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Children of the Force #25 - Luke Never Grabs the Lightsaber

January 27, 2016

It's episode 25 of Children of the Force. Join us, and together we'll hold out the Skywalker lightsaber as father and son and daughter and listener....


I explain why I went to The Force Awakens in (super big) IMAX and left the kids behind for my 4th viewing. Also, we discuss some new thoughts I had upon another viewing: 

Reflection of Rey in BB-8’s eye 

Kylo Ren ran away from Han before he couldn’t anymore. 

Does Kylo already have a new mask, of a sort? 

3PO’s golden arm. 

Had Luke been crying?
NEWS [26:50]
The release date for Episode VIII: Luke Never Grabs the Lightsaber has moved seven months further away.
Poe Dameron gets a comic series!
Adventures in Wild Space junior reader series coming out in February.


CANON NEWS [42:10]

Wait, there’s a sacred village on Jakku that worships Hutts? Sign me up!

JOKE [43:45]

Why does Maz Kanata always have gum in her mouth?
REVIEW [44:30]

We review A Princess on Lothal, the tenth episode of season 2 of Rebels.


We finally include The Force Awakens within our ranking of Star Wars movies (rankings subject to change).
Liam asks who our favorite alien character is in The Force Awakens.

OUTRO [54:40]

Thank you so much for listening to Children of the Force! 

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