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Children of the Force #19 - Rated F for Fun

December 2, 2015

It’s episode 19 of Children of the Force! We discuss video game & movie ratings and why they’re ridiculously arbitrary and don’t really apply to Anna and Liam.

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We have Battlefront! It’s rate T for Teen, so I explain the decision to let the kids play it and we talk for quite a while about playing violent video games and why it’s probably not something to freak out over.

NEWS [10:20]

We discuss J.J. Abrams’ big “THIS” reveal on Jimmy Kimmel, news of The Force Awakens' PG-13 rating, and the renewal of Rebels for a season 3!

CANON NEWS [21:45]

Maz Kanata’s castle is sure to be a place full of wonders. In canon news this week, we learn some basics about it via the short story, The Face of Evil.

REVIEW [28:50]

Three-word reviews of Battlefront!


No Q&A Council this week, but instead we talk about our next episode, Children of the Force’s Pre-TFA Q&A Council Extravaganza! See this post on our website to learn more about it and to join in:


In a new semi-regular segment, I ask the kids what other kids are saying about Star Wars at school. I love getting out of our own little family-bubble of Star Wars and hearing how other kids are experiencing this thing we know and love.



We shout out to the nice folks who have already submitted questions or said they would (at the time of the recording).


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