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Children of the Force #16 - Coding, Inquisitors, Shattered Empire, etc.

November 14, 2015
In episode 16 of Children of the Force, we talk about coding, Lux Bonteri, new Inquisitors, upcoming short stories, the ills of advertising, amazing advertising, Shattered Empire ... and more! 

Follow along with our show guide for this episode at Over there, you'll find photos and links and way more than you see in these little show notes. 


I start off by gushing over this new Star Wars coding tutorial/game

I'm a newbie when it comes to code, and this was a blast. Oh, and Anna and Liam liked it, too. Liam played after we recorded and really enjoyed creating his own games where thousands of puffer pigs populated the screen and slowed the site to a crawl.

That's my boy.

After a Halloween recap, we discuss the Clone Wars Onderon arc (LuxLives!), and the Rebels episodes, 'Always Two There Are" and 'Brotherhood of the Broken Horn.' But mostly we talk about Inquisitors, because they're so darn interesting. 

Also, posters and commercials. 

NEWS [32:25]

Short stories announced at New York Comic Con - we rank our excitement for them on a scale of 1 to 10 Yub Nubs. 

CANON NEWS [39:30]

Who was the youngest person elected to the Imperial senate? 

JOKE [41:55]

Why didn't Anakin know his children were alive? 

REVIEW [43:40]

We briefly review the complete Shattered Empire mini comic series, talk about the implications for The Force Awakens and discuss whether or not someone who cannot use the Force would be able to sense the ability to use the Force in others. All this speculation over a little sapling. 


This episode we shout out to: 
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OUTRO [57:25]

Thanks for listening, everyone! 

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