Children of the Force - a Star Wars podcast

Children of the Force #154 - Children of the Children of the Force

February 25, 2020

This week we start off by giving a shoutout to some listeners, including two who have been inspired by us to start their very own podcasts! Then it's off to Star Wars stuff, sounds, news and more! 


Liam read the Lost Stars manga and really liked it.

Anna’s reading Most Wanted and liking it quite a bit.


Out with The Wilhelm, in with The George!

NEWS [29:10]

The New York Toy Fair revealed some awesome merch, including some adorable Baby Yoda stuff.

CANON NEWS [34:40]

This week we’re talking Mortis, The Thorpe Theorem, The World Between Worlds, Purrgil, Wayfinders and Compasses. 

Q&A COUNCIL [43:20]

If season 1 of The Mandalorian was a movie, where would it fall on your list?

OUTRO [46:25]

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