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Children of the Force #151 - 128 Seconds to Exegol

February 5, 2020

This week, we're talking even more TROS, a bunch of news, and more listener mail! 


I played Star Wars Destiny for the first time, even though they just announced they’re going to stop making it.

We have another email from Nyan and a voicemail and email from Ayden!

Jacob has a theory about Palpatine.

Bart from Belgium chimes in on our 150th episode.

And we’ve been rewatching selected episodes of The Clone Wars in anticipation of season 7’s premiere on February 21st.


Babu Frik and Baby Yoda! Not only do they look cute, they sound adorable, too.

NEWS [29:30]

The Obi Wan series is pushed back.

Season 2 of Resistance is coming to Disney+ on February 25th.

Season 7 of The Clone Wars will premiere February 21st on Disney+. It will go weekly until May 8th.

The Star Wars Show is back, but monthly. A new weekly show will air on YouTube - This Week in Star Wars hosted by Kristen Baver.

The sales for Fallen Order are greater than their highest expectations. Hopefully this translates into more story mode Star Wars games!

Star Wars: Poe Dameron: Free Fall from Disney Lucasfilm press is going to explore Poe’s teenage years, including the time he spent running spice with Zorii Bliss.

CANON NEWS [42:20]

How did the Death Star II end up on Kef Bir? And why is there stormtrooper armor, but no stormtrooper bodies? Not even bones? 

OUTRO [56:35]

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