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Children of the Force #143 - News, Glorious News

October 9, 2019

A full episode of newsy goodness this week! 


We start off with a comment from Jacob from Australia, talk a bit about the first episode of the second season of Resistance and we pick our favorite toys from Triple Force Friday.

NEWS [15:30]

Ton of news. Empire magazine! The Rise of Skywalker! The Mandalorian! Triple Force Friday! Obi-Wan director and writer announced!

And tons of book news, including some juicy Resistance Reborn tidbits.

CANON NEWS [54:50]

We got info on the Inquisitors from the video game, Jedi: Fallen Order. 

JOKE [58:50]

Jacob sent us a joke. What’s Jabba the Hutt’s favorite food? 

Q&A COUNCIL [1:00:00]

Jacob also sent us our question this week: What’s your favorite AT-walker?

OUTRO [1:03:05]


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