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Children of the Force #138 - Darth Yeti

July 22, 2019

We have a new microphone. Its name is Darth Yeti. We use it to talk all about the SDCC Star Wars reveals and much more! 


I finished Alphabet Squadron.

We’re super excited for His Dark Materials and all the upcoming Marvel goodness that was revealed at SDCC over the weekend.

NEWS [14:20]

New Vader Immortal posters show us some of the cool stuff happening in that game:

Vader’s Castle from IDW is coming back for Halloween this year.

A new Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren comic series:

A prequel comic about the Resistance, Allegiance:

The cover for the TROS visual dictionary was released. The word “vibro” appears on the cover.

CANON NEWS [39:10]

Someone was recording Jyn’s plea to the Rebel leaders on Vavin 4.

JOKE [42:45]

When does Kylo dream?

OUTRO [44:55]

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