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Children of the Force #122 - Past the First Marker

February 6, 2019

In our 122nd episode, we talk about some upcoming books, get super excited for Celebration, and talk about Cad Bane a whole bunch! Join us, and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son and daughter and listener...

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We’ll have a table at Star Wars Day at the Science Museum of Minnesota, February 23rd!

Come say hi and be on the show! 

NEWS [7:25]

We’re probably getting our first teaser/trailer at Celebration in April.

A bunch of books have been announced that relate to Galaxy’s Edge.

CANON NEWS [26:50]

Who belonged to that empty chair on the Death Star?

Q&A COUNCIL [33:25]

We have a question this week from Bart from Belgium. Who would we like to see (or who do we think will be in) The Mandalorian.

This leads to us talking about Cad Bane and a lost scene from the Clone Wars that’s not canon.

We also discussed Schrodinger’s Fett, which is NOT my original idea. Check this out from the Boba Fett Fan Club:


I have a bunch of Cad Bane questions for the kids.


We discuss the new guests that have been announced for Celebration Chicago, including Ashley Eckstein!

OUTRO [1:02:45]

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