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Children of the Force #117 - Life Day Is Coming

November 20, 2018

On episode 117 we're talking casting for The Mandalorian, The Phantom Menace, Hutts, lightsabers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. 


We’ve started our annual chronological Star Wars movie watch-through, starting with The Phantom Menace, of course.

Liam and I have started reading the Han and Chewie choose-your-own-adventure book by Cavan Scott. You can buy it here:

NEWS [4:45]

A couple (probably) cast members have been revealed for The Mandalorian. Pedro Pascal is set to lead the show and Gina Carano is hopefully going to play a large supporting role.

Check out this patent for a new lightsaber design!

Billie Lourd has great things to say about Episode IX!

R.I.P: Vader’s Shadow.

Second City is coming to Celebration! And authors!

CANON NEWS [20:30]

Some Chiss kids were Force sensitive. They had a special name. Would could it mean?


What’s the name of Jabba’s sister in The Phantom Menace?

Q&A COUNCIL[29:30]

How much will the kids enjoy watching the Star Wars Holiday Special?

OUTRO [35:00]

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