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Children of the Force #115 - The College Years

November 7, 2018

It’s episode 115 of Children of the Force! This week, we answer a bunch of questions from college students and Liam serenades us with a guitar and a song about Star Wars (and maybe how it’s better than Star Trek).


We bought The Night of the Gorax comic. Liam and I have both read it since recording and it’s pretty darn creepy. The art is phenomenal.

NEWS [3:30]

George Lucas visited the set of the Mandalorian.

And the Boba Fett movie is dead, I guess?



We visited Susan Walker’s Families and Technology class at the University of Minnesota again a couple weeks ago. The college students had a bunch of questions for us, but we didn’t get to most of them during class. So we’re taking the opportunity this week (and possibly next week) to answer those questions!

Of course, most of the questions are about us as a family and also how our use of technology affects our relationships with each other and the world at large.

One of the questions serves as a Stump the Lump question.

We also take a break from answering questions to hear Liam sing and play a Star Wars song on guitar. Good times.


OUTRO [47:50]


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