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Children of the Force #116 - Cassian! Disney+! More Collegiate Questions!

November 13, 2018

It’s episode 116 of Children of the Force! We’re talking this week about that new Cassian Andor television show, Disney+, and answering more questions from college students!

We start the episode off remembering Stan Lee.

NEWS [7:25]

There’s a new Cassian Andor TV series coming our way: We get excited about it and about the possibilities of who else could end up in the show.

The Cassian series will be on … Disney+! Check out their temporary website here to get excited:

ILM is opening a new division, ILM TV (which is great news for Star Wars TV!):

Q&A COUNCIL[19:25]

We answer the second batch of questions from Susan Walker’s Families and Technology class at the University of Minnesota.

Also, Liam plays us another song. This one is about dabbing on dem haters.

OUTRO [49:50]

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