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Children of the Force #113 - “A” is for A-wing

October 17, 2018

In this episode, we talk about THE Mandalorian, Alphabet Squadron, Chuck Wendig's really unfortunate firing from Marvel, and a whole lot more. As always, check out the show guide on our website for accompanying images and links:

NEWS [3:20]

We discuss news of The Mandalorian.

We also talk about Alphabet Squadron. The name is ridiculous, but the concept sounds cool.

And we touch on the Chuck Wendig firing from Marvel. It’s not a good thing. We don’t like it. Chuck deserves better and Marvel Star Wars readers deserve better.

In better news, Kathleen Kennedy will be heading Lucasfilm for another three years!

And we talk the beginning of Star Wars: Resistance. Verdict: We like it quite a bit!

CANON NEWS [40:10]

Whose idea was it to hire someone to rob the Conveyex?

Also, those animals in the glass cases in Dryden’s office? They’re … alive?

Lando mispronounces Han the same way Han mispronounces Sabbac.

JOKE [44:50]

Knock knock.
Who’s there?

Q&A COUNCIL [46:25]

Who do you want to see in Resistance?


What food does Dryden Vos offer Beckett’s crew?

OUTRO [53:05]

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