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Children of the Force #11 - Star Wars Prequel Appreciation / Two New Seconds of Star Wars

August 13, 2015

It’s episode 11 of Children of the Force!


The kids and I discuss Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week. I get on my prequel soapbox.

Click this hashtag here to see a ton of prequel appreciation: #SWPAW

And don't forget (like I've been doing all week) that this week is The Clone Wars Appreciation Week. #SWTCWAW

NEWS [10:15]

We talk about that Korean TV spot for The Force Awakens. Also, the Star Wars saga is being released on Blu-ray again. Liam notices that two of the Blu-ray covers are not like the others. One isn’t a main character. The other isn’t a bad guy!


CANON NEWS [20:45]

Yellow! It's a lightsaber color!


JOKE [23:30] 

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Tattoo. Tattoo who?



If you could introduce any lightsaber color into canon, what color would it be?

What was your favorite day of Star Wars Prequels Appreciation Week?

What’s your favorite vehicle in the Star Wars prequels? 


Check out that Korean TFA spot:

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