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Children of the Force #102 - All Aboard the Solo Train

April 18, 2018


This week, we're talking about a new Solo commercial and all that sweet, sweet Solo merch. As always, check out the guide for this episode over on our website, where we have video, images, links and more:  


We’ve been catching up on season 2 of The Freemaker Adventures.

Liam and I are into the third book of the Servants of the Empire quadrilogy.

And we’re almost all caught op on our Marvel Cinematic Universe watch-through!

NEWS [7:05]

We do a quick watch-through of the a new Solo commercial:

Solo is going to run 2 hours and 15 minutes. 

We take a look at a lot of Solo toys (as seen here: and what they might tell us about the movie.

Looks like there will be droid fights in Solo.

Han and Chewie in chains!

Here’s that shot of Dryden Vos we were talking about from the EMPIRE magazine (

We talk about a few of the Solo Topps Digital trading cards.

Finally, Rian Johnson talked with the LA Times ( about what makes Star Wars Star Wars. And about diversity behind the camera.

CANON NEWS [47:05] 

What’s the deal with Chewie’s life debt? Is he a pet? All this and more, from Aftermath: Life Debt.

OUTRO [55:00]

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