Children of the Force - a Star Wars podcast

Children of the Force #10 - Shoot that Rodian

July 31, 2015

It's episode 10 of Children of the Force! We discuss that Aftermath excerpt. We also do a live reaction to the San Diego ComicCon behind the scenes video where we talk about motion-capture puppetry, practical effects, explosions, aliens and all manner of Star Warsiness.

If there are two suns on Jakku, the second one WILL NOT BE a practical effect. 
We review the final issue of the Princess Leia comic. 
Liam wants us to buy the Lando miniseries because “Lando’s awesome and good at shooting and stuff.” To which Anna sighs and I laugh. 
Oh, and we sing a star wars parody song about shooting Greedo to the tune of On the Road Again. 
Join us, and together we will talk about Star Wars for more than an hour as father and son and daughter and listener!

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