Children of the Force - a Star Wars podcast

#192 - The One Where Liam is an AT-AT

May 1, 2021

It's another episode of Children of the Force! We read some fan fic. Liam pretends to be an AT-AT. It's all good. 


We hear from Iain, Andre and Ish!

FAN FIC [24:00]

We read some great Fan Fic from Brandt and Ish!

JOKE [39:25]

Ezra and Cooper have jokes for us.

Q&A COUNCIL [40:45]

Iain has a question: If you were Yoda during the Clone Wars, would you change any of the Jedi teachings?


Brandt, Iain and Ish have some trivia for us.

OUTRO [56:35]

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