Children of the Force - a Star Wars podcast

#164 - Emails, Squadrons, Vibrocleavers, etc.

June 18, 2020

Star Wars: Squadrons is coming in October, a bunch of listener emails, and a whole lot more! 

By the way, we had a technical problem this week, and I didn’t realize we had it until I went to edit the recording. So the sound quality on this episode is not up to par. Sorry about that.

MAILBAG [1:40]

Brandt, Lily and Nayan sent us emails!


NEWS [24:25]

Star Wars: Squadrons is coming in October! 

The Empire Strikes Back is getting the “From a Certain Point of View” treatment!

And Celebration is cancelled. And also postponed to 2022.

CANON NEWS [41:05]

Picking up where we left off with The Rise of Skywalker visual dictionary.

JOKE [47:20]

Nayan sent us some jokes!
What do they drink in Jabba’s Palace?
What is Ben Solo’s favorite animal? 


Brandt sent us some trivia!

OUTRO [55:15]

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Thanks for listening, and may the Force be with you!

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