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Children of the Force #36 - The Mini-Cast Strikes Back

May 3, 2016

Episode 36 of Children of the Force is our second ever mini-cast. The day was too beautiful to sit inside recording, so we did a quick episode outside instead. Featured in this episode are the cardinals that live near our house, the barking dogs from a few houses over, and a whole host of other noises from the neighborhood.

As always, head over to our website for a more in depth show guide with pictures and stuff. Including a picture of that robin who is reclaiming an old nest. Here:

Also covered: 
Impending Bloodline
Rey has no memory of her parents, according to the book, "Rey's Story." 
If you had to choose, would you rather Luke or Leia die in Episode VIII? 
Nick from London sends us a few jokes about a little green guy. 
Chris from Star Wars Kidscast asks a question to the Question and Answer Council. 
We read a touching Star Wars memory that a listener posted on our Facebook page.

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